Sunday, March 14, 2010

10 weeks so far! Yummy food and a fun art festival!

I have so many wonderful things to say today!  First, I have successfully completed 10 weeks of running at least three days a week!  When I started, I remember it being more of a challenge, but now I am disappointed when I only fit in three days.  I'm trying to make sure I don't over-do-it, because there are still 42 weeks to go!  I'm very proud of myself!  I have noticed a significant improvement in my energy and attitude since I started.  I am much happier when I work-out consistently.  I have also really enjoyed having the time (now that I'm finished with actual classes) to cook and try new recipes.  I would like to say a great big THANK YOU to all of you other bloggers and readers out there who have helped to  keep me motivated, inspired, and who have posted delicious recipes and inspiring stories.

I started my Friday off with Caitlin@HTP's baked oatmeal again.  This time I added some chopped almonds and a little Splenda brown sugar, which made it extra tasty!  I'm kind of odd in that I prefer to eat my oatmeal with milk over top.  I've been eating it like that since I was little, so I added some to this as well.  It was delicious and very filling!  My picture did not turn out well, so I'll leave that one out.  Then I got to work and my dear friend Caitlin (for those who do not follow this regularly... different Caitlin, same spelling) had made snickerdoodle cookies and left some on my desk.  Those brought back wonderful childhood memories.  Mmmm!  I ended up staying at work until after the gym closed, so I didn't run.  Instead Chris took me out to dinner (YUM!), and I went to bed ridiculously early.

Going to bed early meant that I woke up extra early.  I started my day trying out Cailin@HTP's mini quiches.  I mixed one whole egg and two egg whites, steamed broccoli, mozzarella cheese, and some ham.  I poured them into my new ramekins (since I don't own any cupcake or muffin tins... yet!).  I baked them at 350F for 35 minutes.  They were delicious!  There are so many new flavors I want to try!  Back home, where my mom lives, there is a restaurant that I love that serves the best omelets ever!  I want to try to duplicate the delicious flavors in the quiches one of these days.  One has chicken, mushrooms, cheese, and is topped with marinara sauce and some mozzarella.  Another has mushrooms, chicken, and is topped with black beans and salsa.  I even think some delicious hot sauce, like Tiger sauce, would be fantastic on them!  I will let you know what I try!  Oh also, I learned it is best to add a little cooking spray to the ramekins to help keep the egg from sticking.

After filling up on my eggs and an orange, I spent my morning reading for fun!  I have just started Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta series.  I don't know why I haven't read them before now, but so far I'm enjoying them.  I may have even dosed off for a little bit.  I was so much enjoying my relaxing morning that I did not head out for my run until 10am.  In hindsight, it was a bit too late.  I had wanted to do 8 miles, but I ended up stopping at 4.  While the temperature was quite wonderful, I ended up a bit too hot and without water.  I also had told Chris I would make him breakfast, so I wanted to get back.  It was a really nice 4 miles, and I will try to do 8 miles this next week.  The run started off with a bit of a cramp, so I decided to keep it nice and slow.  I even went down a few new roads and discovered a park I didn't know about!  The park even had an enclosure where kids were playing roller hockey (not sure what you really call that... hockey on roller blades).  I am looking forward to checking it out in the future.  I should definitely try to locate any water fountains, because that could improve my running in the future.

Mile 1:  10:41
Mile 2:  10:47
Mile 3:  10:25
Mile 4:  9:50

When I came back, I cooled off with my favorite GM smoothie that is both tasty and a brilliant color green!  It had a banana, pumpkin, vanilla yogurt, lots of cinnamon, a speck of nutmeg, flax, sweetener, and of course spinach!  I seriously could just eat those all day long!  Sadly, that was the last of my canned pumpkin.  Today I am on a mission to find more!
Then we headed off to the Baldwin Park Arts Festival!  I was very excited!!!  It was much smaller than I anticipated, but there were several really cool artists and tons of people walking their dogs!  I saw several golden retrievers... Oh I cannot wait to have another one.  One day...  Back to the festival... We actually bought a few things there.  We found this really cool sculpture of a tree (it's difficult to describe).  The artist is actually custom making one in the colors we want.  I will post a picture just as soon as we get it!  I'm so excited!  I already have the perfect place for it, in our bedroom.  Then I purchased two prints of the cutest frog paintings imaginable!  The artist, Rob Kaz, is phenomenal!  I would absolutely love to own some of his paintings, but until I can afford them I will love the prints I purchased!  When I was little, my dream was to be a children's book writer and illustrator.  I love, love, love children's books, especially those that have brightly colored pictures.  When I saw these paintings by Rob Kaz, I thought they looked like scenes out of a Pixar film.  I was pleasantly surprised just now when I read on his website that Nightlight is just one of a series of paintings that will appear in a children's book!  I am psyched!  I am afraid that the pictures I took have glare since I already framed them, but you can see better pictures on his website.  Also, it turns out he has a blog as well!

Hey You

Finally, I purchased a really cute bookmark fromJennifer McCully.  There were soooo many cool pictures that I wanted to purchase, but it will have to wait for later date.  I settled on a book mark and drooled over the 26.2 necklace.  I told myself that I cannot purchase that until AFTER I complete the marathon next year.  Her art is very inspirational, and some pieces are down right funny!  I suggest you check her out!  I will definitely be purchasing some other items in the future.

After the art festival, we did some shopping.  We ended up doing a very late lunch/early dinner at one of my favorite places, 903 Mills Market!  I tried a different sandwich than what I usually order as well as some very delicious roasted red pepper and potato soup.  What I love so much about this place is that I can eat outdoors in a nice calming atmosphere.  People tend to bring their pets too!  The food is delicious and there is an assortment of wine and local beers.  The picture below is courtesy of an an Orlando Sentinel article.

Then we went home to do some cleaning, and I took a nap.  Later we went to see one of the girls that I tutor in "The Glass Menagerie".  She played the mother, and boy oh boy was she fantastic!!!  It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!

Since the quiche was such a big hit for me yesterday, I made some for both myself and Chris today.  Of course he did not want broccoli in his. 

The rest of the day is going to include going on a hunt for more canned pumpkin, getting my passport photo taken (it's time to renew!), and putting together some work stuff for a meeting tomorrow.  I may go for a run tonight, or I may just let my legs rest and enjoy a nice run after work tomorrow. 

I hope that you all are having a wonderful weekend as well!

Also, if you have any opinion on fuel belts for running, please let me know!

Finally, check out the OneMoreMile shirt give-away over at Endurance Isn't Only Physical. (o:

P.S.  Next week there is another art festival in Winter Park!


  1. Jes -

    Thank you so much for the wonderful praise! I truly enjoy creating my art and am so happy that I inspire those around me! And a 26.2 necklace will be waiting for you once you reach your goal! I promise! Best of luck in all you do...and don't forget to live artfully!


  2. Thanks for your comments! I'm very happy you like Hey You and Nightlight and I appreciate you including me in your very well-written blog. Thanks again - and good best of luck with the running - that takes great dedication! ~Rob Kaz

  3. you can't even stop me from trying that pumpkin smoothie.


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