Monday, March 29, 2010

Energy level at absolute zero today... First Greek yogurt ever! YUM!

This morning started off great.  I had lots of sleep, a super delicious green monster smoothie for breakfast, and later a really good lunch.  I tried my very first Greek yogurt as part of my lunch today.  I keep reading about Chobani Yogurt, and they were on sale this week, so I picked up two.  Today I tried the pomegranate.  It was quite delicious!  The consistency was thicker than I'm used to, but the flavor was good.  I loved the little pomegranate seeds that popped in my mouth.  The 14g of protein really filled me up!  I wasn't hungry for my usual afternoon snack.  After lunch, my energy level seemed to just drop.  I just woke up from a 45 minute nap where I was out cold!  Seriously, drooling even!  I feel like my body is fighting off something.... maybe whatever is still causing my ear to ring! (It is better at night but much worse during the day.  Hopefully it is getting worse before it can get better.)  I do not have any desire to do anything.  The weather is nice outside, and I do not even want to run (crazy, right?!).  I have running plans tomorrow evening, so I'm not going to push myself today.  I am contemplating at least taking a walk to see if that helps.  Ever wish you could put your cat on a leash and walk them??

Tomorrow I am presenting a poster about my research, which runs from 11:30-4, so I will have to eat an early lunch or snack before going to that.  Since the Greek yogurt filled me up so much today, I plan to eat my strawberry yogurt with some cereal before the presentation.

I think I'll try that walk and go to bed early tonight.  Hopefully I will feel restored tomorrow.  Have a wonderful night all!

P.S.  Is anyone else hating the new picture uploader from blogger?  ugh!

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  1. Thanks for the well wishes you left on my blog! I hope you aren't getting sick too!!


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