Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I started my St. Patty's Day off with a Green Monster smoothie.  It had frozen peaches, strawberries, a banana, spinach, flax, and milk.  It was delicious!  (Although still not as good as the pumpkin smoothie... *sigh*)  I also remembered to wear a green shirt, but that is where my celebration ends.  Sadly I do not enjoy beer, and Chris has a lot of homework to do tonight anyway.

All morning I looked forward to lunch time!  I made that amazing artichoke heart sandwich from yesterday as the main part of my lunch.  This time I took a pic before eating it.  It was made using a multi-grain english muffin, roasted red pepper hummus, jarred artichoke hearts, tomato, and lettuce.  I think a little feta would be a good idea too.  Check it out! 

After work, Caitlin and I did an easy 2 mile run.  Our goal is 4 on Friday (that will be a new distance record for Caitlin, yay!).  Today was nice, but I think I drank too much before heading out.  My stomach was kind of sloshy.  I hate that feeling.

Mile 1:  10:45
Mile 2:  10:30

I have another topic I would like to discuss... something that has really been on my mind a lot, but I feel it deserves its own blog post.  I'll get to that next.

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