Saturday, March 20, 2010

Make the ringing stop...

The ringing in my ear is still there.  It's like a doorbell tucked inside my right ear.  On Wednesday night I finally had enough and started Google-ing.... not a good idea!  Within a matter of minutes I was convinced I was losing my hearing, may possibly have a tumor, and at the very list would be plagued with this high pitched sound in my head forever.  We call Chris's dad, since he's a doctor, and he assures me that there is a nasty bug going around that causes congestion which can result in a ringing in the ear.  He tells me to take some medicine and it will help.

The next day the ringing seemed to hit an all new level of frequency while I was at work.  I kid you not, it beeped every time I clicked my mouse buttons!  I am trying to make a poster to present my research at a forum on the 30th of this month.  I need my computer and mouse!  It was driving me absolutely insane.  My boss told me that the mother planet was probably trying to call me back home.  I would be more amused if I knew aliens existed that could rip my ear out of my head. 

I left work early to go to the doctors.  She looked in my ear and said, "Let's make sure there aren't any critters in there."  Me:  "Haha".  Her:  "No seriously, I found a roach in a guy's ear once."  Me:  "WHAT?!"  Her:  "Yeah, I was looking in his hear and it was looking right back at me, and I thought to myself, how do I tell this young man that there is a roach in his ear?"  Turned out the roach was dead, but STILL!!  I would have seriously been flipping the f*** out!  I cannot even kill roaches.  Instead I stand on chairs, scream like a little girl, and throw things at it until I think it's dead.  If we have bug spray, I will literally empty the entire can on the bug so it is covered in a mountain of white foam.  Lucky (or unlucky) for me, I now have cats that will kill those little buggers.  *cringe*.  Long story short, no bugs in my ear.  Nothing appears to be wrong with my ear.  I am probably congested, so I am taking a medication that contains pseudoephedrine HCL and also Flonaze. 

Then yesterday I was in the shower washing my hair and felt a big sore bump behind my ear (the same ear that is ringing).  I instantly think back to the Google-ing I had done and think I must really have a tumor!  I woke up Chris, and after finally doing some more Google-ing I realize that that bone behind my ear is really a lymph node... duh.  It probably was swollen, because I am sick with something.  What a crazy way to start my Friday!  The ringing is becoming less consistent, but it sure as anything is still present!  I hope to have good news for you all by the time the weekend is done. 

Sadly, that poster that I mentioned I was creating for work... well I spent the first part of yesterday making all kinds of fancy graphs and plots only to have my adviser tell me he'd rather I make them in another program.  This meant that A) I had to miss my friend's seminar presentation, B) had to cancel Caitlin's and my four mile run, and C) had to stay at work late.  I was really bummed about missing my friend's seminar.  I was also sad not to run, but given that my body is fighting off something I figure it was probably for the best anyway.  We have decided to do our four mile on Tuesday (her bf is in town all weekend and she has a late night class on Monday).

Last night I seriously slept for 11 hours.  I have always found that when I'm sick, sleep seems to be the best cure.  As much as I want to go running today, for now I'm going to take it easy.  At least I did get in three days of running this week, even if it wasn't much the last day.  Chris and I have plans to meet Nick and Federica for lunch then to go to the Winter Park Arts Festival.  I am very excited about that! 

Oh one more thing... on Thursday night one of the girls at work was celebrating her birthday so a bunch of us went out to Seasons 52 for dinner.  I had never been there before, but I had heard great reviews.  Also, everything on their menu is under 475 calories!  How cool is that?  I was craving shrimp, so I had a delicious salad with spinach, roasted red pepper, chickpeas, feta, and shrimp.  Mmm!  And then we all tried one of the little desserts that comes in what looks like a large shot glass (forgive me for not knowing the real name).  I tried the mango and raspberry cheesecake.  YUM!  Sadly my picture of that did not come out.  My camera did not feel the need the use the flash for some reason.  I wanted to try the dessert more than I felt like taking a good picture.

Last but not least, a picture of my little Kirby being all cute.

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! 

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