Sunday, March 28, 2010

Running group, food, apron, and kitties!

Yesterday, Chris and I enjoyed smoothies!  I combined some yogurt, milk banana, peanut butter, no sugar added Nesquik, and cinnamon... and added spinach to my own.  DELICIOUS! 
This morning I woke up early to meet-up with the local running group.  A total of three of us showed up, despite six people RSVP-ing.  Several of the members were doing a Ragnar Relay-type race today.  Our little group this morning decided to all stick together and just chatted and ran.  I really enjoyed myself and the pace was more an adequate for lots of chatting. (o:  Total time was 43:09 for 3.58 miles.
Mile 1:  11:43
Mile 2:  11:57
Mile 3:  12:00
Last 0.58 miles had a pace of 12:52 (mostly because one of the group members had an injury walked).

I had lunch plans with Caitlin, her boyfriend Ryan, and my office mate, to celebrate his finishing his seminar.  I thought that there was a farmer's market where the lunch plans were, but was disappointed to find out it was actually yesterday.  We had a delicious lunch at Panera, and I stopped by Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up a lid for my new 24 oz Tervis Tumbler!  It will be perfect for taking smoothies, coffee, tea, and whatever else I want to work! 

Oh and I almost forgot, my super cute apron arrived!!!  I had a gift certificate to spend on Amazon, and I have been wanting an apron.  I found THE CUTEST APRONS by Jessie Steele.  Amazon was also where I purchased my Tervis Tumbler.  (For the record, the liquor on top of the refrigerator has been there for a looong time.  We don't drink that much!)
After bringing Chris home lunch, since he was working on a school project, I headed out to another farmer's market.  This was my first time going to one with the intention of making purchases.  I was very excited!  The market was fun, but I was hoping for more actual produce and less arts and crafts and fair food.  Oh well.   I did purchase a large bag of delicious grapefruit and some straws of naturally flavored local honey (the honey is actually in straw tubes, so it would be perfect for taking for a peanut butter and honey sandwich at work).

Finally, some pictures of my lazy kitties before I go off to watch The Blindside.  I hope it is as good as I have been hearing.  I can't wait!
Oh, and check out the kettleworx give-away over at Endurance Isn't Only Physical.


  1. I love blue russians. They are gorgeous cats.

  2. Thanks Lisa. We are pretty sure that is what Ashe is... at least a mix with a Russian blue. We actually adopted her from a shelter. She is so soft and sweet.


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